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9 signs your cat is crazy about you

Cats may be perceived as aloof, independent and generally difficult to read, but there are ways to recognise your feline fur kid’s affection.

Signs you should get your pet to the vet

Pet illnesses are hard to diagnose, but if you’re paying enough attention to your fur kid, you will notice if they’re ill.

10 life lessons from your dog:

Life is simple when you’ve got four paws and a furry tail. Here are our top 10 life lessons to learn from your dog:

Get your couch-potato cat moving

Some cats are more active than others – there’s nothing wrong with that.

Q: Can my dog get flu? If yes, how do I help them?

Yes, your fur kid can also succumb to flu, just like you do.

Anger management for dogs

All dogs rough, tumble and maybe even grumble every now and then.

These dogs are serious about staying active

Summer’s the perfect season to get outdoors with your four-legged friends. These dogs take a walk in the park to an entirely new level, with some extreme tricks.

Sticky paws alert

The cat and mouse game was alright until this tabby developed a taste for petty theft. Play time will never be the same.

“But you said you’d really throw the ball this time.”

“But you said you’d really throw the ball this time.”

What is my cat’s tail telling me?

One tail flick can say a thousand words. Here are a few tips for reading your cat’s mood by the movement and position of their furry appendage:

Cat proof your home

Before your fur kid sets paw in your house, make sure it’s properly cat proofed. A few small changes could spare your cat from some hairy situations.

Basic dog training tips you need to know

If you don’t have the time or money to invest in professional dog training, there are home exercises you can do to teach your new fur kid the basics.