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Create the perfect doggy gym

Don’t let a rainy day stop your pooch from getting their quota of exercise. Get creative and shake up your dog’s exercise routine.

Doggy play dates: how to get them right

Finding a friend for your canine companion can be great for their social skills and enhance their ability to adapt to new environments.

Loafer or loner – a look at cat personalities

What cat personality best suits you and your lifestyle? Find out which cat breed is for you:

All you need to know about your pet’s diabetes

Like humans, pets can also suffer from diabetes. Managing their condition properly can help improve their quality of life.

How can I make sure my cat doesn’t get FIP?

Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) is a progressive viral disease that affects kittens and cats – wild and domestic. FIP is caused by the feline coronavirus which can be found in the saliva and faeces of affected cats

Q:What can I do to improve my pet’s quality of life?

A: Coming to terms with a fur kid’s terminal illness is a traumatic experience for any pet owner. Although it’s a difficult time, there are some decisions you can make as their owner to alleviate their suffering.

Pack it up – household items that could be hazardous to your pet

You can’t always keep a close eye on your pet, but you can create a safe environment for them to explore, simply by being mindful of what you leave lying around.

Tell-tale signs your cat’s tale is broken

Although you’re constantly on the lookout for your fur kid’s wellbeing, you might not always be around when they get injured. Cat fights, reversing cars, bad falls and slamming doors are all common accidents that can happen out of sight – and cause a painful broken tail.

9 signs your cat is crazy about you

Cats may be perceived as aloof, independent and generally difficult to read, but there are ways to recognise your feline fur kid’s affection.

Signs you should get your pet to the vet

Pet illnesses are hard to diagnose, but if you’re paying enough attention to your fur kid, you will notice if they’re ill.

10 life lessons from your dog:

Life is simple when you’ve got four paws and a furry tail. Here are our top 10 life lessons to learn from your dog:

Get your couch-potato cat moving

Some cats are more active than others – there’s nothing wrong with that.