What’s making my dog itch ?

Have you noticed your pup constantly scratching and gnawing at their skin? Get to know what could be causing itch

Mythbusting – Is milk good for cats?

Cats and milk are a match made in pet heaven, right? Wrong. You need to read this.

The 10 pet Instagram accounts you need to follow

We can’t stop looking at these pets Instagram accounts. You’ll see why.

Fresh tips for a purr-fect litterbox

No one likes a dirty bathroom – especially not your cat. Here’s some fresh hints and tips for a spotless and sparkling litterbox.

What to do when you share a home with a neurotic cat

Anxiety and stress is common in cats. Here’s how you can create a stress-free environment for your feline.

6 things you need to know about worms

Nobody likes the thought of a parasite worming its way into your fur kid’s tummy. That said, you still need to face the facts about worms. Here are 6 you need to know.

Squirm-worthy worms and how to recognise them

Don’t wait for the vet to find worms, know the signs.

Puppy training for new fur parents

Your new pup is not the only one who needs puppy training. Raising a new fur child just takes commitment and love. Here’s what to do in those crucial early days

Protect your pooch’s peepers

Dirty or infected eyes can lead to a scratchy nightmare and cause serious damage. Here’s how to keep them clean.

The tooth about cat dental health

Give your cat daily dental TLC for their pearly whites. Adopt these easy tips to take care of your cat’s teeth.

Can my dog watch TV?

All dogs are certainly capable of watching TV – it’s just a little different from the way we do. Here’s how.

Step away from the chocolate – how to keep your dog safe this Easter

Did you know your favourite slab could be deadly for your dog? Here's why.


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