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Loafer or loner – a look at cat personalities

What cat personality best suits you and your lifestyle? Find out which cat breed is for you:

Doggy play dates: how to get them right

Finding a friend for your canine companion can be great for their social skills and enhance their ability to adapt to new environments.

Tell-tale signs your cat’s tale is broken

Although you’re constantly on the lookout for your fur kid’s wellbeing, you might not always be around when they get injured. Cat fights, reversing cars, bad falls and slamming doors are all common accidents that can happen out of sight – and cause a painful broken tail.

9 signs your cat is crazy about you

Cats may be perceived as aloof, independent and generally difficult to read, but there are ways to recognise your feline fur kid’s affection.

Anger management for dogs

All dogs rough, tumble and maybe even grumble every now and then.

What is my cat’s tail telling me?

One tail flick can say a thousand words. Here are a few tips for reading your cat’s mood by the movement and position of their furry appendage:

Basic dog training tips you need to know

If you don’t have the time or money to invest in professional dog training, there are home exercises you can do to teach your new fur kid the basics.

Lights, cat-mera, action

Get your cat to be the purr-fect poser. Here’s how to take incredible snapshots of your feline friend.

Let’s get social: why socialising your dog is crucial

How to make sure your dog is ready to mingle so you’re able to take them anywhere.

What’s making my dog itch ?

Have you noticed your pup constantly scratching and gnawing at their skin? Get to know what could be causing itch