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10 life lessons from your dog:

Life is simple when you’ve got four paws and a furry tail. Here are our top 10 life lessons to learn from your dog:

Sticky paws alert

The cat and mouse game was alright until this tabby developed a taste for petty theft. Play time will never be the same.

These dogs are serious about staying active

Summer’s the perfect season to get outdoors with your four-legged friends. These dogs take a walk in the park to an entirely new level, with some extreme tricks.

“But you said you’d really throw the ball this time.”

“But you said you’d really throw the ball this time.”

Are you ready to adopt a pet?

There’s no happiness that can compare to sharing your life with a pet. But the decision to adopt a fur kid shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The 10 pet Instagram accounts you need to follow

We can’t stop looking at these pets Instagram accounts. You’ll see why.

Five amazing dog and cat rescue stories

These inspirational dog and cat rescue stories will restore your faith in humanity. Make sure your tissues are close by.

Arthur – the dog who refused to be left behind

See the story of an adventure race team that set out to win a title and found a new best friend instead.

What am I supposed to do with these?

When an unhappy kitty’s plans don’t go according to plan.