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Sticky paws alert

The cat and mouse game was alright until this tabby developed a taste for petty theft. Play time will never be the same.

Cat proof your home

Before your fur kid sets paw in your house, make sure it’s properly cat proofed. A few small changes could spare your cat from some hairy situations.

What is my cat’s tail telling me?

One tail flick can say a thousand words. Here are a few tips for reading your cat’s mood by the movement and position of their furry appendage:

Are you ready to adopt a pet?

There’s no happiness that can compare to sharing your life with a pet. But the decision to adopt a fur kid shouldn’t be taken lightly.

What’s making my cat itch?

If you’ve noticed your cat scratching, grooming itself excessively, losing hair or developing scabs on it’s skin, it could be suffering from a skin disease. Here are the common causes.

Cat got the sniffles? Here’s what you need to do

You may may catch your fur kid sneezing now and then, but when this behaviour becomes more frequent, should there be cause for concern?

Cat gone missing? Here’s what to do

Losing your kitty can be traumatic. Follow these tips and help bring them home.

Yes, cat videos are good for you

A recent study by Indiana University lecturer, Jessica Myrick, shows watching cat videos is in fact good for your general well-being.

Everybody was cat fighting (oh-hoh-hoh-hoah)

A bullied cat can become ill due to the stress caused by being bullied or go into hiding to avoid its tormentor. Keep cat fights at bay and let harmony reign by following these key tips.