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These dogs are serious about staying active

Summer’s the perfect season to get outdoors with your four-legged friends. These dogs take a walk in the park to an entirely new level, with some extreme tricks.

Anger management for dogs

All dogs rough, tumble and maybe even grumble every now and then.

Q: Can my dog get flu? If yes, how do I help them?

Yes, your fur kid can also succumb to flu, just like you do.

“But you said you’d really throw the ball this time.”

“But you said you’d really throw the ball this time.”

Basic dog training tips you need to know

If you don’t have the time or money to invest in professional dog training, there are home exercises you can do to teach your new fur kid the basics.

Pup pedicure 101

If your pooch spends most of their time outdoors, chances are you won’t need to cut their nails all that often – they’ll wear down naturally.

The golden retriever who failed gloriously at the dog show, but won at life

He had his eye on the prize. But then a trail of food and toys happened.

Small bite, big problem

Here’s The Pawspective’s guide to preventing a small bite from becoming a big problem.

Funny poolside pooches

These dogs have got mad pool skills. Think yours can top them?

How to keep an escape artist inside

If your dog is out of your yard more often than in, it’s time to get to the bottom of what’s making him want to escape. Here’s how.