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10 outrageously quirky dog names

17 July 2017

Choosing a name for your new puppy can be tough if you want to be unique, and aptly capture your hound’s personality at the same time.

Drawing inspiration from quirky movie and reality TV characters, painters and even exotic destinations, naming your dog has never been more interesting. Here are our top ten most eccentric names for dogs:

Quite the jetsetter? Why not name your dog after a sunny Hawaiian island – a constant, tail-wagging reminder to go there.

Grounded but very pug/bull dog friendly, Birkenstock suits a serious face with a playful personality.

This pretty name is a good pick for Frozen fans – or if you’re struggling to find a name to match your dog’s outrageously good looks.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s mysterious charm can also exist in the canine world.

A pint-sized pooch is even cuter with this moniker.

A smokey-coloured Great Dane could wear this Mad Men namesake very well.

Honey Boo Boo
Did somebody say diva? With a namesake of this calibre, your dog’s got an all-eyes-on-me attitude and bark.

A furry friend that’s always up for a game needs a name that’s a hit in the park.

Won Ton and Chopstick
Two super tiny terriers, chihuahuas or pinschers with delusions of grandeur need eclectic names like these.

Salvador Dogi
Sense a complicated artistic vibe á la Salvador Dali from your dog? Pay homage to the king of surrealism.

Yes, you’re allowed to be that obsessed with tea. A name that suits a slightly complicated, but calm pooch.

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