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Create the perfect doggy gym

07 December 2018

Don’t let a rainy day stop your pooch from getting its exercise. Get creative and shake up your dog’s exercise routine.

Adventure course

Transform your lounge into an agility course using household items. Create low jumping obstacles with two empty boxes and a broom suspended in between them, or try strategically placed, rolled-up blankets on the floor. Initiate the game by jumping before your dog and luring them with a treat. Place the obstacles in such a way that there’s no way they can get around without going over or under.

Scavenger hunt

Using upside-down boxes or clear containers, place a treat in one of the boxes and encourage your dog to smell each container. Mix up the order of the containers and reward your pooch with a treat when they pause at the right container. Switch things up each time you play by placing a different treat under the container and using more containers – spaced further apart.

Hide and seek

For this game, the more, the merrier. Get your dog to sit while you hide and call them when you’re ready for them to find you. Alternatively, ask someone to lead your dog around the house when everyone’s in hiding. The person should give vocal clues when they’re warm and give hints when they’re completely off.

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