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Dog Advantage Cat Advantage


Fast flea control

Fleas suck. Literally and figuratively. They especially suck when they decide to call your pet’s fur ‘home sweet home’. And evicting them isn’t easy. Just when you think you’re rid of them with a thorough bath and a fine-toothed comb, your pet starts itching and scratching all over again.

When choosing a product to eradicate fleas, you need to be thinking long-term. Advantage has been specially formulated to be a flea’s worst nightmare. It kills larval and adult flea stages – and it works on contact meaning that they don’t have to bite your pet to feel the effects.

As a topical treatment, Advantage can be applied directly to your pet and offers a full month of protection. It kills fleas within a day. Advantage can be used for dogs and cats and Advantage for dogs also kills biting lice.

How to use it