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Dog Advocate Cat Advocate


Comprehensive parasite protection
– inside and out

There are a lot of scary ecto- and endoparasites out there and between all the different dewormers and parasiticides available, giving your pet optimal protection can be really complicated. But it doesn’t have to be. Advocate is a comprehensive preventative and curative treatment designed to wipe out a range of the most common parasites in a single treatment.

Advocate is a spot-on solution that acts on fleas, lice, mites, heartworm, lungworm and gastrointestinal nematodes (including hookworm, whipworm and ascarids – also known as roundworms). Application of Advocate takes less than 20 seconds and provides a month of protection for your pet.

Advocate safeguards your pet and your family against the transmission of the widest range of dangerous parasites in a single solution. It controls L4 larvae, immature and adult stages of hook and roundworms in your dogs and offers 100% protection against the potentially deadly Spirocerca lupi. It is also highly effective in treating, sarcoptic mange and ear mite infections in dogs.

How to use it