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The healthy head start for your pup

Giving your puppy the best head start in those early months is vital for ongoing health and longevity. Early and effective health management makes all the difference.

Roundworms and coccidia can make their impact at an early stage too. Roundworms and coccidia are common gastrointestinal parasites in puppies. Coccidia are more prevalent that roundworms in puppies younger than three months but both have a negative effect on your puppy's health.

Give them an early head start with Procox®, intestinal parasite control for pups as young as two weeks. Early treatment provides powerful control and has proven clinical benefits including reduced shedding and diarrhoea. The single-dose application provides dual action against roundworms and coccidia and is safe for puppies to consume every second week at the recommended dose for up to five doses. What's more, the great-tasting liquid is easy and convenient to administer.

Be sure to consult your vet and give your pooch the lifelong intestinal parasite control they need with Procox® for up to 10 weeks followed by Drontal® Plus from 12 weeks onwards.

Know the enemy

Roundworm: a familiar enemy

Common symptoms: vomiting, diarrhoea, rough coat, abdominal distension.

Children can be infected by your pup through a process known as zoonosis.

Coccidia: strangers in the gut

Common symptoms: diarrhoea, weight loss, risk of secondary bacterial infections

Treatment should include all susceptible animals, especially in-contact puppies.